Balaton Sound will not take place in 2020

Balaton Sound
©Balaton Sound

The Hungarian government has just extended the ban on large-scale events until 15 August 2020, and due to this official prohibition, we are heartbroken to let you know that Balaton Sound cannot take place this year.

We couldn’t be more devastated. Ever since 2007, we have been tirelessly working towards one goal with the same enthusiasm: to bring the wildest parties to the shores of Lake Balaton. But, as hard as it is, we believe that this decision best serves the safety of all of our fans, and everyone working at our festival.

We would like to ask for patience whilst we work with our ticketing partners to prepare the arrangements for ticket buyers. We will share all of the details by email as soon as we can.

In the history of Balaton Sound, this will be the first summer that we are unable to celebrate with at Lake Balaton. We cannot wait to welcome everyone there next year and have the party of our lives in the setting sun! Thank you for sticking with us, we are here for you and will see you in 2021! Take care and look out for each other!

Best wishes,
Balaton Sound Press Team


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