Watch now! the original #wearebonzai – documentary

Bonzai Records, Bonzai Progressive & DJunkee are proud to present #WEAREBONZAI. After the success of Bonzai Records: The Story, from Red Bull Elektropedia, we loaded fresh film into the cameras and gathered a host of homegrown and internationally renowned artists for more in-depth interviews, with a few stories from back in the day.

In this documentary we also speak to the people behind the brand, those who strive to continue the legacy and legend of Bonzai. You’ll see and hear from the team who look after distribution, label management, copywriting, royalties, artist management and everything else that is needed to run a modern record label.

Of course, our music is celebrated as well, the music that put us on the map and the music that keeps us there, at the forefront. Our events are a big part of the Bonzai story, we’ve solidified our presence on the festival calendar with annual events as well as a multitude of headliners.

This is our story, and we wanted to tell you who we are. #WEAREBONZAI

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