Craig Connelly’s A Sharper Edge REDUX is now available!

Craig Connelly
©Black Hole Recordings
With a seasonal symmetry so perfect it might even have been planned, Craig Connelly brings a winter REDUX to his early summer-released ‘A Sharper Edge’. Drawing to a close the-year-that-was in the most uplifting of ways, through the twin prisms of the remix and his own studio/spinning work he brings new aspects & angles to his much-applauded second longplayer.
Featuring rework-rich quarters, it includes new ‘Sharper Edge’ interpretations from Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sean Tyas, Kolonie, Highlandr, Daxson and Nikolauss. Within its grooves also lies much artistic camaraderie, with Factor B, Will Rees and Peter Steele all collab-ing, as well as producer/singer unions with Cammie Robinson, Sisken (Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton), Natalie Major and Karina Ramage. Craig has also seized on REDUX’s opportunity to elaborate on his original album ideas, reframing them as promise-filled floor-aimed expansions. With all these new weapons in hand, he has fashioned them into the fiercesome, firesome feature-length DJ mix, something which otherwise would’ve been denied fans in 2020.
Revisited, expanded, emboldened and root-and-branch reimagined – one of the most accomplished trance albums of the year is back to finish 2020 off the right way!


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