The official AMF 2020 anthem is OUT NOW!

AMF 2020
©AMF 2020

On Saturday 7th November, over 7 million fans from all across the globe tuned into the virtual event of the year – AMF presents Top 100 DJs Awards 2020.  It showcased the biggest DJ talent and featured a very special show opening by a talented new artist. The emotional performance by Dutch breakout talent Avalan from an empty Johan Cruijff ArenA marked a tribute to the fans who were unable to party in the iconic venue due to the circumstances that the world has found itself in during recent times. The beautiful melodies and inspiring lyrics lifted the spirits of fans who tuned in worldwide and left fans wondering more about the artist behind the beautiful track.

In 2020, Avalan was inspired to create a track that best describes the feeling of being quarantined and the lack of freedom the world was faced to confront. The track is ‘World We Know’ and its powerful AlterBoyz remix is the official AMF 2020 anthem. The remix brings out the distinctive qualities of the original track, starting off with soft delicate piano notes paired with an emotional soundscape that is enhanced by Avalan’s subtle yet sophisticated vocals alongside the breath-taking progressive melody. It then progresses to a compelling bassline with a powerful kick drum and lively synths that perfectly encapsulate the electric energy of the live AMF experience making it the perfect anthem for the festival.

Avalan’s ‘World We Know’ (AlterBoyz Festival Mix) [AMF 2020 Anthem] is available worldwide right now and can be streamed here


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