Win Win Win: PUSH – Together We Rule The World

M.I.K.E. Push

Who doesn’t know M.I.K.E. Push? The legendary track ‘Universal Nation’ won several dance awards, and is recognized as one of the classic dance-records of the trance era until this day. The number 1 position of the song in worldwide dance charts helped putting the Belgian dance scene firmly on the map. The Push follow-up singles ‘Strange World’ and ‘The Legacy’ were also major hits and played throughout hundreds of clubs all across Europe. Over the years Mike received several music awards including best club singles and best dance-producer, and entered the national top 40 in the UK 6 times.

Wedstrijd Afgelopen wegens overmatig succes …

Winnaars Bekend!

Nancy De Decker – Joost Verelst – Jimmy De Preter

De prijzen worden verzonden via B-Post


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