New Release: Loen – Won’t Let You Go

©Bip Records

Loen’s career is just beginning. This young Barcelonan singer was born with music in her blood and soul: “Since I have use of reason, music is part of me.

Today I am who I am thanks to music “confesses Noelia (her first name) who leaves aside another of her passions, the love of animals and her veterinary career, to follow her other great passion.

“Music is freedom and feeling, they are emotions that you capture in the sound. You could say it’s magic. ” Magic is also the one that moves in “Won’t Let U Go”, the track she presents where she talks about who comes into your life when you least expect it without knowing that you needed it, to show you the same world that you saw but with a different perspective, getting rid of the sadness and making you see that you are stronger than you think “.


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