New Release: Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie (Bestel Hier!)

Eindelijk. Meer woorden moet je er niet aan vuil maken. Eindelijk brengen Fleetwood Mac leden Lindsey Buckingham en Christine McVie samen een plaat uit.

Eindelijk, toch Lindsey: ‘We were exploring a creative process, and the identity of the project took on a life organically. The body of work felt like it was meant to be a duet album. We acknowledged that to each other on many occasions, and said to ourselves, ‘what took us so long?!!’

Track Listing 1. “Sleeping Around The Corner”2. “Feel About You”3. “In My World”4. “Red Sun”5. “Love Is Here To Stay”6. “Too Far Gone”7. “Lay Down For Free8. “Game Of Pretend”9. “On With The Show”10. “Carnival Begin” 


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