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New Release: DJ F.R.AN.K & T-SPOON – No Time 2 Waste 2021 (HouseWerk Remix)

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Dj F.R.A.N.K is back! The man behind the success of Summer Jam, which sold more than 1,500,000 singles and achieved gold and platinum status in several countries. He is also known from the European hit success “Discotex! (Yah)”, which he reached Gold and Plantina and recently with his version of “The One AndOnly”, with which he reached more than 4,000,000 plays on Spotify!

This time he has a nice collab with T-Spoon, the legend from the 90s.No Time 2 Waste was the very first single of this formation, followedby the world hits “Sex On The Beach”, “Mercedes Benz”, …. T-Spoon was well known in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia, scored 4 European top-10 hits and no less than 9 European top-20 hits!

Watch the Official Music Video Here:



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