New Release: AHZEE Feat. Gohary – Beybosso

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Beybosso Is Out Now, And It’s Everything About Haters in Our Lives.

Imagine a musical collaboration between a New York based producer/DJ and an Egyptian musician living in the UAE. Like how that sounds? Then you better get excited, because the video clip of the song resulted from the collaboration between the happy voice, aka Sarah El Gohary, and the DJ/Producer Ahzee, is out now, and it’s everything!

Beybosso mainly talks about haters, and how they always stare and try their best to stand in the face of anyone who is different from them, or anyone who is successful. The song also speaks of how those people end up trying to be like the ones they were staring at. We asked Sarah about how the idea of the song came up to her, and that’s what she told us:

“Music that comes straight from the heart goes straight into the heart, right? We both agreed that the music is powerful with a twist and this was when I started asking Ahzee questions and he shared with me a story about “haters” or those who dislike the fact that you are successful, that you are unstoppable. They try to distract you, to bring you down, to surround you with negative vibes, but you are moving full force towards your dreams. You are too busy making everything that you wish a reality, and that’s what “Beybosso” is about.”

We also had the chance to chance to ask Ahzee about his first time making an Arabic song, and that’s what he told us:

“When I first started out, my songs became popular in Europe, but now the Ahzee family has grown into Asia, Middle East, USA, Africa, South America and practically all over the world. Since music is a universal language, I use it to speak to my fans since I can’t speak all of the different languages yet myself. So making a track catered to my Arabic / Egyptian fanbase and with Universal Records MENA and BIP Records pushing my album in these areas, it made sense for me to take my passion and love for music and combine it with Gohary’s to make our smash hit, Beybosso!”


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