ASOT 850 – The Day After …

Thank you. That was truly spectacular. A night filled with so many beautiful people celebrating together like this is unique, and we should cherish every moment like this. From the warm-up set until the very last tune at 6 in the morning, every little bit was magical. And you made it all possible.

After a night like this, nothing’s better than to sit back and enjoy the first footage of the night. Check out our Thank You video or tune into for a rerun of the livestream.

ASOT is a global community

Not only were there people from more than 90 countries in the Jaarbeurs, but online we reached 10 million fans in more than 150 countries! Thank you for joining us, we definitely felt your energy here in Utrecht.

ASOT 850 official album

If there’s a perfect time to release an album, it’s now! And that’s exactly what Armin did. Listen or download it here!

Check out the pictures

Our photographers have been running around all night to get as many good shots as possible. Check out some of them in the highlights posted on our Facebook page. Stay tuned, more photos will follow soon!

We enjoyed every second with you. Let’s meet again soon!

Team A State Of Trance


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